Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why I Don't Blog as much as I'd Like

So... I was scolded for not posting enough (Sorry, Jov). I suppose I will actually have to ATTEMPT to make an effort to post more often.

Last night, another successful ToC run. I got some pants and enough badges to buy my first T9 item. Yay! Maybe my average item level will start rising to something that better represents the content I'm doing? Doubt it.

Also last night, a bigger success than the gear, I began talking more to my new guildies. I think I must seriously have real social anxiety problems, because even IRL, I have problems talking to new people. I used to not be so bad on the computer (chat room RP ftw), but lately I kinda just get on WoW to run my ToC, maybe an Ony, then I log off for a whole week. Yesterday, however, I was on early and was just chatting with Amber and Cel. Something I don't do nearly often enough. I'm going to stop here, and start to actually think about making a post that is more than just "Diary of My Toons."


Anonymous said...

That's wierd you mention that. Just the last week or so I have started talking to co-raiders more inbetween combats.

I've been actively trying to talk to the newer ones to. Unsurprisingly they are all actually normal people like me ;-)

Gobble gobble.

Sara said...

Yay, I like having you online to chat with us (... even when a lot of it involves necessary complaints about Hunt). :D

And I feel you on the comment earlier about dailies - I can't bring myself to do them now that I have Crusader. So. Boring.