Thursday, November 19, 2009

Interwebz slow because...

Patch 3.3 on the background downloader! I suppose that means I'll have to occupy my time by folding clothes or washing dishes. Or I can just play Neverwinter Nights 2. In news unrelated to how I while away my time...

Blizz released news on how the next tier of raiding is going to be activated. Some people in the blogging community have strong opinions of it. Positive and Negative. Personally? I'm on the fence. Like Seri says, it seems that it's a little pandering to the casuals, which devalues the effort that top raid guilds put into the game, on the other hand... I'm a casual! Well... not really. I consider myself in the grey zone between casual and hardcore. If I could, I would probably try to raid 4+ days a week; however, I can't. So, what I do is raid when I can. When I do raid, I go fully prepared. I'm pretty business. I don't listen to music, I don't have the TV on. I have vent and headphones (well, had headphones. The land shark pomeranian known as Dexter saw to it that it was no more).

TL;DR I'm neither casual nor hardcore.

I see the merit in wanting the hardest dungeon in an expansion cycle to be practically inaccessible to all but the most hardcore of raids. It's so they can wear their leet gear and say "Look, I have this awesome stuff that you don't have." It's elitist, but, like I said, there's merit to it. I understand it. On the other hand, the game isn't just about "leet gear." It's about challenge. It's about story. It's about working with other people to the best of your ability to achieve a goal. That's the part that I like most about the game. I want Myss to beat Arthas. I want to see what happens with my own eyes. That is EXTREMELY important to me. So... we'll see how much I like this new raid system.

In news about Myss: I got more T9! Gloves this time. I've almost got enough Triumph emblems to get her another new ring too, so that means my only piece of i 200 gear after that will be her offhand (those, apparently never drop). After that, I'll have very FEW 213 (or whatever the next half tier was). So... =] I think I'll have caught up after I buy that ring. Also, starting next week, I think I'll be running 25 ToC instead of 10 ToC. Meaning... I GET BETTR THINGZ. Maybe. Until next week!

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