Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Raid Lead IRL

Turns out I'm a raid leader IRL.

Okay, not really, but the parallels I tend to draw between things makes me laugh. This one in particular.

Backstory: My parents own a BBQ restaurant here in Texas where I worked as the manager forever (read: a year and a half). Recently, since my only source of income is from substitute teaching (gg failing economy and lack of jobs), I'm working there again in the mornings so that I can have some income.

The other day one of the older ladies walks in and I'm standing there cutting onions or something and she asks "Where am I working today?"

Immediately, I start sizing up the strengths and weaknesses of the people I work with. This person has probably got the lowest IQ I know of; however, she knows how to cut things without removing a finger. That person has horrible people skills and shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the customers. etc, etc, etc... And then the idea hit me "I'm like a RL, but IRL." I laughed at the idea, but then realized that I backseat RL all the time. When someone says "Hey, let's do X," I sometimes say loud enough for only me to hear (unmute the mic? nowai) "I think y would have been better" or "Man, that's a good idea." It gave me a good laugh, if nothing else.


Anonymous said...


Next I think video games have alot of skills you can actually use in Real Life, problem solving skills, logic usage, etc.etc.

Now you have to take the next step and start leading raids, I would do easy ones first, Naxx badge runs, and such.

Myssidia said...

Yes, BBQ. Trust me... if you've smelled like it for 23 years, you would not love it. ;_;