Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's been a long time...

It sure has. I got out of my habit of posting after raids, so I got out of my habit of posting. Basically though, I've been able to get into all the ICCs I wanted to and haven't had to worry about all the extra people (extra people also mean more people that have emergency reasons they can't go). But right now, I'm back to once a week raiding because I have so much shit going on right now. In fact, I'm using posting as a means to put off doing some homework. I still want to try and make a wordpress site just because it looks like you can do more with it (I'll admit though, I haven't tried to do too much with this site).

Uh... I'm back to being dual heal specs. I imagine I'll mostly just holy heal since I'm much better at it than disc priesting. However, I wanted to give our other tank healers (we only have three =X) the option of being able to miss... or bring an alt... or spec DPS for a fight if they want to. I'll admit, I'm probably not the best geared Disc priest, but I've gone away from enchanting or gemming regen simply because I'm good with mana management (generally). If I'm oom... something has gone terribly wrong. I'm trying to save up honor/badges so I can get gems to change all of my gems to SP.

Speaking of honor... I've also started pvping more (which is actually where quite a bit of my honor came from... and was spent on) because of the random bg thing and extra honor. If I know that I'll get *at least* 1k honor from every BG (quite a bit more if you win)... it's a great incentive to BGing. The other night I did 2 and got 10k... enough for a gem. Uhm... I would also like to post a shout out to the new people that have showed up in BoO in the past couple of months. They're all fantastic people (esp Krikket and Penitant). That's pretty much it. Now wish me luck on my homework =].