Thursday, February 11, 2010


I have to go make dinners, so this will be a short post, but basically I've started raiding two nights a week and Jason doesn't seem too depressed about that... probably because I'm pretty good at paying attention to him at the same time (most of the time anyways). However... we have new people coming into the guild... most of them have healing specs, too. The guild is about to go back to only Core Raiders being able to go to raids, which makes sense, but I think there are already enough "Core Raiders" as healers to fill up a 25 man... plus all those people coming in, I feel like I probably won't have a good chance at being promoted. Which is fine with me, I suppose... >_< I just don't like this sense of anticipation I have. Also, since I really have to plan ahead of time when I'm playing for the week (so I can make sure Jason doesn't volunteer us for anything). I'm glad that the guild is going to be better... I just hope that I get to be a part of that.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

ICC 25 for funsies

So... BoO went into ICC 25 for the... third? maybe time last night and for the first time (I think) actually killed stuff. Yay! Nothing prolonged this week, I just wanted to hop on, say stuff, then post pictures.

Orithea is a big girl and throws around big girl pally bubbles.

First Marrowgar kill! Boner spikes are bad. This only took like 5 attempts and we ended up 2 tanking it. Bad ass heals, if I do say so myself.

First Deathwhisper kill! We finished her off in the third attempt. Lots of fun, really. =] I called out mind controls during the fight.

First Gunship success! This is cake. If we didn't win on the first try, I probably would have lied and said we did, LOL.