Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My favorite part of 3.3 (besides getting to kick in Arthas' teeth)

I suppose today I should review an upcoming feature of patch 3.3 that I'm really looking forward to. And by review, I mean I'm going to talk about something that I've never experienced and pretend like I know something about it. I absolutely LOVE the idea of the random PUG dungeon. Why? Because I despise most DPS specs.

What does that have to do with anything? Well, I don't know if anyone has ever noticed, but it is EXTREMELY difficult to heal a mob to death. You hadn't noticed? Well, let me tell you. It's extremely difficult to heal a mob to death. It's also difficult (albeit not as difficult) to let mobs beat on YOU until THEY die. So, if you prefer your spec to be of the tanking or healing variety, you are out of luck, my friend. Maybe...

With the advent of the random dungeon (which includes, most importantly, a cross-server LFG), Blizz will be, once again imo, pandering to the heal/tank-nuts like me. SERIOUSLY? SLAP IN THE FACE, BLIZZ!!! Okay, but really, I think this is fantastic. Now, maybe my poor druid will actually... I dunno... get to level 68, where I hear running as a resto spec isn't nearly AS painful. Or... Maybe my pally will actually get to some level higher than 30 because letting things beat on you by yourself isn't nearly as fullfilling or experience-ful as I had hoped it would be. The reason this is great is because you queue up for dungeons much like you do BGs, and let the machine do the work for you.

It's so difficult to find dungeon runs that I've actually been trying to pvp my way to 68 on Apa. PVP! What the hell is the world coming to? Fortunately, now that it looks amongst many servers (I'm assuming within battlegroups), the 1 person that's signed up to go to Underbog becomes 4-5? That's amazingly cool, I think. Now maybe I'll be able to dungeon run my way to the top and heal and tank to my heart's content. Running dungeons and raids is the best part of this game by far for me, and now, being able to do it just a little easier on my way to 80, makes me want to give Blizz a big gold star. <3

In other news, my average gear ilevel is up to 220.88 now! only two more ilevel 200 items to get rid of, and something that, I'm thinking, should happen somewhere after next weeks raid.

In other other news, I'm trying to decide if I want to go to wordpress with this blog. I really don't know if I post enough to justify switching to a new medium, but I suppose I'll let my... 4-5 readers decide. (/sigh)


bobturkey said...

I use Wordpress and I am happy enough with it.

The only issue I see, as a reader, with blogger is their commenting is a bit annoying. It takes you to a new page and then clears the comment box about 3s after loading so if I type too fast at the start half my message suddenly gets wiped.

Ok, maybe more like first three words, but yeah, still annoying.

Why are you changing? Don't you like blogger?

Gobble gobble.

Myssidia said...

It's okay, and is probably better for my needs (very low tech). I don't know really. I just think Wordpress looks better, and I thought I remembered hearing that you can set up posts to be published on a later date. This is something that I think I'd like. If it was possible.