Thursday, January 28, 2010

Weekly Raid Report

I think I'm seriously about to change to Wordpress and just call my blog "Weekly Raid Report." That's all I do anymore. I'm okay with that... and if I can get into the habit of writing once a week, maybe eventually I can habitualize myself into writing more often. I'm just gonna keep going with this once a week thing for now, though. Last night... was an utter failure. This was our first ICC 25 since it first came out, and quite a few of us had upgrades, me included, but it just wasn't enough. To be honest, the majority of the blame for our 15 wipes can be placed on the pugs that we took with us or shitty RNG on boner spikes. Beyond that though, I had a smidgeon of fun. On the fail Tuesday raids, I very rarely get to raid with all of the major raiders of BoO... =] Ky was missing, but everyone else was more or less there, and I came to realize just how much I really enjoy my new WoW family. I'm still not around enough, but the idle thoughts I was having about xferring back to Kirin Tor are now long gone. I still don't want to level anything on Azgalor though. PVP realm... /shiver. All that being said... I do believe I'm going to change the name of my blog. In the event that that isn't possible (because it may not be), I'll be making a new blog. This just isn't a Casual Encounter anymore... It's not very much about me leveling alts or real life or other video games like I wanted it to be. It's me talking about my most recent raids with a smidgeon of character added in.

Goals for next week: Run a successful ICC OR run a successful Ulduar in which we keel Yoggy. Either of these would be fun, but we'll see what Amber has in store for me before I make up my mind =].

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I was mopey last week. I'm not sure why really, but I was mopey. This week's raid went a lot better... kinda. Not ICC. Nope, we didn't even get past Marrowgar (and the next wing is open now? =X) But, we tried twice and then, in a moment of clarity, I said. Well... If we're not even going to get past Marrowgar, and we're still looking for a DPS... why don't we go to ToC and do the weekly? Wouldn't that be a helluva lot more gains? I was right, of course. Not everyone in there needed something from ToC, but alot of us got some upgrades. I got rid of my ridiculous Naxx10 shoes. Now if someone would just take away that freaking offhand. Oh well. Overall though, I can't remember the last time I've had that much fun. Mostly because we kinda goofed off. Kyr probably could have one healed it, but I was there to tank heal while he was making sure the raid wasn't dead. We single tanked Anub... he didn't even get one submerge in. 2 min fight lulz. Needless to say, I think we full cleared the place (this included one wipe) in about 45 minutes. I repeat, I can't remember when I had that much fun on a raid. Maybe that's what I need to do? Organizing old raids for kicks and giggles and badges? The only problem with that is some people don't seem to want old raids. They want new raids with new gear. We'll see... An Ulduar run could be fun, maybe.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

C'est La Vie

This isn't a rant per se. It's more like... me being all mopey because my limited play time is catching up with me. Not like I'm getting worse or anything. I don't think I am. But with the fact that ICC is a real raid, and not a thing you can simply hop in to and get loot, and the fact that I only do one day a week, is really starting to show, it seems. I just feel like I don't bring as much to the table as I could and that the other healers are supporting me. This is compounded by the fact that the only night I really can raid, starts an hour later than every other night, yet still ends at the same time. Not really anyone's fault, but the raids never start on time anyways, and Tues seems to be the alt run. This means... we down one boss and I have a 100 gold repair bill. Again. This is really just me being mopey and writing something down, that hardly anyone reads... except a few guildies, which brings me to my next mopey string of words.

I've been in the guild now for a few months, but I'm still not really making friends like I would have liked to. Maybe it's because a lot of them are already friends irl... I just feel like... I'm there for business and that's it. I want to be there for more than just heals. They could get pugs for that. I don't know... maybe it's just the "bad" run last night that has made me kinda down, but I just feel like it's not getting fun. Once again, though, all this stems from me only being able to raid once a week. It sucks, but c'est la vie.