Thursday, November 20, 2008

Things that still excite me about Wrath!

First, I want to say that the things I said before, still do excite me about Wrath.  The problem is... I haven't been able to experience all of them yet!  So I wanted to start by saying, all of that other stuff that I already said, is still on this list.  So I'm going to start at number 10 and go to number 6, so that I'll now have a complete list of 10 things.  That seems to be the general consensus for list postings.  10 is the minimum.

10.  Death Knights

The quests are cool.  The abilities are cool.  There are way too many of them.  Understandably so, too, because the starting area is truly epic.  The one thing I dislike about rerolling characters is the idea that I have to go through the same starting quests.  Albeit the Deathknight quests will probably get old, too.  But the difference is you aren't just killing wolves.  You are serving the Lich King.  You are his hand of destruction on Azeroth.  He asks you to kill innocent people.  To murder them while they're running away.  You people on the alliance should be ashamed for willfully doing this.  I'm horde, so its okay.  And then he gives you awesome blue items for mercilessly killing these people (It's good to be with the King).  But really, Blizzard did an awesome job with their first hero class.  I can't wait for the next one! Healing class, please!

9.  The Forsaken

They were always cool.  Always my favorite race.  If I could, I would change Myssidia from a blood elf to a forsaken (no I wouldn't, she's too pretty).  But they have an even more prominent role in this expansion.  Possibly more prominent than Hellscream Jr.  The Forsaken were created because of Arthas and Lich King.  It was the initial plague of the Lich King that created them, and through their own willpower (with some help from their resident bad ass) that they were able to break free of the Scourge and become a free-thinking society of undead people.  The best part about Forsaken quests? They're deliciously evil.  I mean, in the Howling Fjord I killed dwarves.  But that wasn't it! Oh no.  I also had to harvest their brains for study.  So I killed them then I used a hacksaw to cut open their heads.  I'm in love.

8.  The Landscapes

Two words: simply beautiful.  Now more than two words.  The most amazing thing about Northrend is that it is so real (besides the forest made out of crystals and the forest that never stops burning and all the dragon skeletons).  But the forests look like a forest I've walked through.  The massive, high scaling cliffs look like cliffs I've touched before.  It's so amazing that everything I see awes me.  Azeroth is nice, but it feels like an alien world.  Then to go from that to Outland was an amazing jump into even more alien.  But, it's so incredible to be brought back down to "earth."  It feels like I'm walking through the real world.  The colors are right.  The images are right (for the most part).  Northrend is beautiful.

7.  The Vrykul

Why? Because of the names of their cities.  They are fun to say!  Okay that's a little silly, but seriously... Say "Gjalerbron"(gyalerbron) out loud right now.  Say it again.  See how rolls right off the tongue?  Even more importantly is the fact that everything about Northrend and the vrykul is steeped in a faux Norse Mythology that's just incredibly fun to play in.  Everytime I see a Valkyr I think about bugs bunny.  Is that an odd thing to say?

6.  The Epicness

This is something that they are certainly pushing in this expansion.  From the time I set foot on the continent I can feel the presence of the Lich King.  There are dead things chasing after me.  And I see him popping up all over the place.  All of the quests are basically pushing toward some major encounter with the Lich King.  In Outland, Illidan was a problem, but he wasn't that thing that always clung to the back of your mind.  All of the quest givers didn't remind you how Illidan destroyed your families, your hometown, or possibly your life (if you're a forsaken).  Arthas is the bad guy I've been waiting for.  He's that goal that's always there.  I can't wait to take him out.

There we have it.  Right now Myss is only level 72, because I've been dealing with a lot of personal issues.  But hell, that's why I'm a casual gamer right? Personal issues are more important than "gogogo 80." I kinda feel like I'm letting my guild down by not rushing to 80 as fast as possible so that I can participate in the raiding like everyone else, but I'm hoping that I can catch up within the next week (maybe 2).

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I lied again.

Well not really. My other post is already written, but not on this computer. It'll be here soon. Very soon. Tonight after class probably. But until then I have a musing (a musing does not necessarily mean it is amusing). I was thinking earlier today that I read a lot about healing. I know a lot about healing. Maybe not as much as some of the other people in my guild, but I'm also very good at healing. Should I ask if there is anyway I could be named the healing "role" leader for my guild? I mean we don't raid all that much, and this would require me to get on a schedule to raid more than I used to. I find this idea very attractive though. I mean... in Kara when one of our tanks who wasn't quite at the defense cap was taking heavy heavy spikey damage and the direct healers (me and the shaman) were having trouble keeping her up, I took control and told the druid (who was on raid heals for some odd reason) to switch with the shaman. We didn't have troubles after that. So maybe what I mean to say is that... I care more about doing the job in the most efficient way possible than my raid leaders. I'll talk to one of the officers tonight.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I lied

So... I lied.  About not making a Deathknight so fast.  As soon as I installed Wrath, I had a discussion with myself.  I decided that (and please forgive me, this is going to get sappy) I would prefer to spend my first few hours of wrath with my family on Lightbringer (the nonraiding guild) than with my family on Kirin Tor (the raiding guild).  =] It was time well spent.  So in order to actually experience Wrath content over there (since none of my characters were 70) I *had* to make a DK.  The quests are epic.  I love justifications.

On a side note:  Sorry for not updating in a long time (all of you devoted readers lawl), but I'm going through a pretty harsh break up right now.  Four and half years all for nothing.  =] Luckily It's been over for long enough and I'm just optimistic enough to be okay now.  I'm going to try and do a longer post on Wrath stuff soon.  Like when the next few days.  Maybe.  (possible title: Things that Still Excite me About Wrath?)