Monday, July 20, 2009

In which Myss goes Holy and pwns....... hard

AMG Not much time: work soon. Quick post before I go... O.O I'm actually doing Ulduar. I've been disc almost exclusively since the expansion, but a lot of my guildies have been down on the spec (DIAF all you Holy paladins, stop stealing my tank healing slot). So, yesterday I went Holy for our Ulduar25 ran (with an allied guild). And...

I outhealed and under overhealed a large majority of people geared significantly better than me. WTF?! Is this what Holy priest healing is like? I know I know... the meters aren't important. I should realize this. Especially after being Disc for so long, and I still prefer disc more. But... if I do this well as Holy (the meter doesn't lie about how much healed, and being number one for the majority of the run is nothing to scoff about, imo), and more than just that, if people STAY ALIVE a little more when I'm having to raid heal most of the time anyways, then I will probably be Holy for most of our runs. Yay for looking impressive again!

On a side note: I have been feeling down about myself in our progression stuff in 10 mans (which we do prominantly with only guildies), because people die and the other healers always say "Disc is shit, go Holy you'll pwn." I suppose the VERY succesful 25 run helped lift my spirits significantly.