Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I was wandering around on facebook, when suddenly I spotted it. A picture proving something that I think I should have known all along. --.-- I knew that there was something wrong with the Lich King. He was just... too evil to be Arthas.

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Anonymous said...

Welll...welll.well. A blogger to boot. It's your favorite mage...Frostscourge. Well I've been reading your blog, a Poetry writer too, I dabbled in Poetry, but all my damn friends said I should concentrate on novel writing poetry is dead. As an Hordie transfer to BoO myself there are times I miss the Horde Lifestyle, but BoO are pretty cool people.

I added your blog to my massive blogroll, and I'll be keeping my eye out on your blog. Good thing? Meh.

BTW Your horde roots are showing Chuck Norris, back to the Barrens with you.