Friday, October 23, 2009

Monthly post time

I really should get into the habit of posting more. Like... more than once a month, maybe? Maybe I'll try and make it a habit to post after my weekly run with BoO. Those have been going swimmingly, btw... I mean, when I actually sign up for the right date and not a raid that went on a week ago. I hope no one noticed that, because it was pretty embarrassing. And I suppose if no one noticed it then, someone will get a good lol out of it now. The ToC run on Wednesday wasn't all that bad. I don't remember dying too often... Faction Champions eated my lunch, though. They're pretty rude to healers, especially those of the clothy variety (aka PRIESTS). So... this blog was supposed to be about, what?

WoW + RL? Well... It's more RL than WoW now... especially since, for some reason, I just can't bring myself to do dailies. I hate repetitiveness, I guess. It's ALMOST too much for me to raid once a week, same raid, same day every week. Almost. However, each time there are so many factors that could possibly change what happens since the other 9 people you play with all have minds of their own (Well, most of them do, at least I suppose). Unlike dailies. Dailies can DIAF.

On the other hand, Faction swapping completely reset alot of the quests I did Horde side, so I can now go back and redo quests for money. Not a bad idea actually, and I've already done quite a few. Wrathgate, Bronzebeard, and Shadow Vault quest chains are completed. There are still a few more phasing quests that I haven't completed that I need to.

On a totally unrelated note, I was wandering around Terrokar trying to heal things to death on my broccoli sprout and an old guildy asked me where Myss was. I explained that she's now a space goat and he made sure that I knew that Draenei racials were inferior to Human racials for a healer type. As if that ever made me think twice. Human females are ugly and have huge hips. Don't even get me started on Dwarves. I almost did Night Elf, but for some reason... I've always disliked night elves. The only viable option for me was draenei. This, however, may change when Cataclysm comes along. Gnome priest? kthx I'll have.


Anonymous said...

Human females aren't THAT bad! *cuddles her tankadin*

But space goats are totally superior eyecandy. Besides, their racials aren't bad at all, not if you shadow dual spec (hit!). And I totes use Gift of the Naru in raids...sometimes...when I'm OOM.

Myssidia said...

I think I used it on accident last week when I was supposed to be using Divine Hymn. I flailed around for a second looking for it, hit Gift on accident, realized what I did, opened up spellbook and hit Hymn before anyone died. Just another of my crazy MYSSadventures (cwutididthar?).