Friday, February 27, 2009

I feel dirty

Yesterday in IA's weekly Sarth run, we had way too many tanks. Rude came up with a very good idea, actually. She decided to get on her warlock alt, and let the pally tank heal instead of her. This meant that healing, we had one paladin and one disc priest. I offered to switch to holy, but they told me not to worry about it. However, after that run, I decided to switch to holy for an Arch 10 run simply because I haven't been holy since I hit level 80. Now. My gear isn't exactly right for it, but you know what? It felt really good being able to top healing charts again. I got too used to announcing to the raid after healing charts were posted that a good deal of my healing comes from shielding. But... I was not geared as well as the paladin, and I still healed more than him by about 10%. So, like the title says, I feel dirty. That doesn't mean I'm shirking my love for disc. Especially because in 3.1, they're phasing out any possible need to use greater heal by allowing us to glyph Penance to take off another two seconds and making flash heal even cheaper with an increased chance to crit. BUT I forgot how much I like holy. ^_^ So... My dual spec will probably be Disc/Holy. Hope my guild doesn't mind.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, come back to the dark.. er.. light side!