Thursday, March 12, 2009

Theory Craft

Theory Craft

As you can see above, I've tried my hand at a little bit of theorycrafting. Just something I did while at work because I was really bored. Unfortunately, there are some things that I'm not too sure about. I should also mention that this is according to the current news on 3.1. The live numbers for Disc are going to be slightly lower. The gear level is assuming 2k +sp, I'm assuming that's kind of the median that people will be at when 3.1 hits live. Finally, the specs/glyphs that I used to consider the final numbers are here(Holy) and here(Disc).

Finally, a few observations: I've noticed that the two specs both have their major weakpoints addressed through crit. With Divine Aegis, disc's throughput increases with crit. A disc crit is actually 45% more effective than a holy crit, and that may have even more value since that 45% appears in the form of a bubble. I know I moaned and complained about Rapture being nerfed, but if you look at the above chart, the spells that disc is going to be using the most have better mana efficiency than holy, and almost as good (or much better in the case of Penance) throughput. So I'm not worried about Rapture, and Divine Aegis isn't as useless as I thought it might have been.

Holy, on the other hand, has problems with mana efficiency. Crit for them increases their mana regen, and with enough crit a good holy priest will have Holy Concentration up close to 100% of the time. ^_^ Enjoy my number crunching, I'm pretty sure I did some things wrong, and if you see that, tell me. <3


Anonymous said...

Whoa! Graphs! Thats hardcore!

Don't forget Holy, in your scenario, will have about 200 more spell power than Disc due to Spiritual Guidance.

I recently did a similar exercise and i was amazed at PoM. I recently setup PoM Tracker and discovered im usually healing for 8-15k on each PoM I cast.

Myssidia said...

I know! I mean... I assumed that PoM was awesome, but the efficiency is *amazing* if you can get it to go off on 5 people. I suppose I should go and adjust numbers, because you're right.