Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WTB New Laptop

I have bad news. Penelope died sometime last week. She was only about two years old and still seemed to work well until about Tuesday. Before I continue with my post I want to have a moment of silence for my little white Angel, Penelope.


Okay, now that I'm through being dramatic, I'm going to announce that Penelope is my Macbook. I know! Almost as sad as a real two year old dying (no not really, I just live off of absurd humor). I mean I still have my omg badass desktop that my kind exboyfriend helped my build, but I was using my laptop to play at my new boyfriend's house every now and then (since I'm not home that often). No more of that though, and I'm sad face, so literally I haven't touched poor Myssidia since last Tuesday when we were wtfpwned a million times by Vespereon and Sartharion before I finally put on my big-boy buisness belt and saved the day (overdramatic much?).

This is where all of my 3 faithful readers come in handy. I need a new laptop. Sure, I could get Penelope fixed, but after two years I was getting tired of her anyways. And I'm actually thinking about spending good money on this one. So... I have about two thousand dollars that I'm willing to spend. Anyone want to point me in the right direction for a fairly nice gaming laptop? Preferably one that won't embarass me while raiding like Penelope did?


I Like Bubbles said...

Does it have to be a mac?

If not, I can give you a rundown. The boything repairs them for a living.

Myssidia said...

Gods no! LOL I like Macs well enough I suppose, but Penelope was way overpriced for the use that I got out of her. If I'm going to be spending 1.5k on something, I'd prefer it *not* crap out after only 2 years.

I Like Bubbles said...

Righteo then. I'll see if I can't beat him into telling me a few good ones, then.

I know There's a few Tosh's that aren't bad, and the new HPs are fine...but that's as much as I can recall from his incessant babbling.

B2B-directory said...
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Myssidia said...

A toshiba is actually what I was thinking about getting. A friend of mine has one and she showed me how WAR ran on hers and I was mildly impressed. =]