Wednesday, February 4, 2009

lol-Sarth 1 Drake

Apparently I'm more bad ass than I thought I was. This was indeed our guild's first attempt at Sarth and we downed him with an extra drake and only two healers. But that's not all, folks! Half-way through the fight Rude (our really good resto shaman) died due to whelpling nibbles. So there for about 30 seconds when she was trying to decide whether or not to pop her Ankh I was healing three tanks (one for Sarth, one for Vesper, and one for whelplings). It was not fun but surprisingly throwing around shields, renews, flash heals, penances, and prayer of mendings on THREE tanks is somewhat effective. Well... effective enough to give the shammy time to un-die. Also... what'd I get for my efforts? 4 badges. Yay.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of my first time doing OS25. The raid leader wanted to know if we were ok with 4 healers instead of 5 to which we said why not. Then in the boss fight a certain noob disc priest gets the lava treatment on the first wave...

That was the night I learned if you run back, you can't re-enter the instance with the fight going. *face palm*

Gobble gobble.

Myssidia said...

XD Oh don't worry. The first try at him I was pew pew healing the tank and I saw the lava churn raid emote and was like "OKAY WHERE IS THE LAVA?!" Suddenly my whole screen went red and I started rapidly losing health. Turns out the "OMG HUGE BURNING WALL OF FIRE" snuck up on me. Who'd have thunk it?