Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So... I suppose I spoke too soon. I assumed that the regen nerf wouldn't affect me and that nerf suddenly doesn't. The nerf to Rapture, on the other hand, does affect me. It's one of those hidden undocumented changes, but for Rapture disc priests can now expect to receive mana from *only* Power Word:Shield and *only* when it is destroyed (completely used up or dispelled). The amount of mana gained is up from a variable amount to always 2.5% of total mana which is a bit of a buff, but the fact that Penance and Divine Aegis no longer affects it is a rather large nerf. Rapture also added the ability to give whoever you cast PW:S on some mana/rage/energy/runic power. On the plus side, a new talent makes PW:S spammable (disregarding "Weakend Soul"15 second CD) and significantly cheaper. I'll write more about the stuff going down if once I get a chance to actually test it.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah i'm going to wait a bit and let the changes settle a bit before getting excited. They change so much usually.

Appears to be big game play changes ahead for both Disc and Holy Priests.