Friday, September 18, 2009

A new day dawns...

I know... the title is a little melodramatic. HOWEVER! >_> It's true. This morning I went through with a faction swap and server transfer so I could join the folks on Azgalor in Brotherhood of Oblivion and my new second favorite priesty spacegoat Lyrandre. Why is she my second favorite?
Because... Myss is now a priesty spacegoat. Unfortunately, the faction swap means that I now have to redo ALL of the Argent Tournament quests... Except the Black Knight maybe. I still have that achievement, so I may not have to redo that chain. We'll see... in like two weeks. Also, notice how the horde picture is bigger, shows more of Myss, and is just better overall? While my new home is with that ugly blue color the alliance tends to like, my heart will always beat red. =/ I already miss my hoardie friends, but this was as much an experiment in trying new things as it was an option for a new raiding home. =] And I already know I'll make great friends on this side of the Wrathgate as well.

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Anonymous said...

But red and blue make purple.