Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I've been cheating.

On WoW

I feel like some salacious harlot standing at an MMO intersection. Champions Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online (free to play now, btw), Guild Wars. What's wrong with me?

To be fair, the majority of the people that I enjoyed raiding with in my guild left for greener (i.e. more active) pastures while I was on vacation, and the guild most of them joined is now full of healers. Hopefully my plea of "I won't even raid if there's no room, I just want to be where my friends are" might win over the powers that be. Not only that though... the few people that were there and active raiders were discouraged and have stopped playing those toons. So... not only am I not raiding with the people I want to, but the people I don't even necessarily want to raid with aren't even raiding.

You guys can't see it, but there is an extremely unhappy sad face going on right now.

That being said, since I'm not doing much on WoW, I've been playing other games. Champions online is fun, but not really healer friendly. DDO is mostly just because I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons since I was 12, and the fact that it's free to play. Guild Wars is *amazingly* healer friendly. You really don't do anything without a group. If you're not one to enjoy actually playing with other people, you enlist the help of NPC henchmen. These NPCs aren't the smartest cookies in the box, but they do a good enough job that I can just heal away while they take care of the mobs. =] I enjoy this a lot, but I still miss my friends and my Myss.

=/ Anyone looking for a decent Holy Priest to add to their arsenal of healers? I may be willing to faction/server change. I don't want to leave my friends, but I'd rather not put my hard work to waste.


Anonymous said...


I collect blogger healers, didn't you know?

Anonymous said...

I've been goofing off on DDO since it went free-to-play as well. Not a bad game; as Tars says "It's definitely worth free!"

Unfortunately, we're recruiting DPS right now, and our healing roster is kinda tight. But if you'd like to drop an application, http://www.axiom-sc.com/

-- Jov

Danny said...
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Myssidia said...

=O @ Amber But... I'd have to become a spacegoat. (Because that is the only viable option imo)

@ Jov >_> I have a halfway put together DPS set, lol (jk btw, my DPS set is like 4 blues + 3 offset pieces from Uld + whatever is left comes from healing gear). Yes, I wish that it was a bit more like the pen and paper game, but you can't beat the price of free.