Thursday, January 15, 2009

Naxx 25

I was planning on getting an early start today, since I have way too many chores to do and not nearly enough time to do them.  However, last night when I was about to log at around 10:30, I got a whisper from an old guild member asking me to go to a heroic Naxxramas PuG.  Now... the idea of *wanting* to go with a PuG was wholly appalling to me, and I knew I had things to do early the next morning.  Somehow, however, the "No thank you" that I could have sworn I typed ended up changing into a "YES!  PHAT LEWTS PLX!"  So we waited around for at least and hour (such is the nature of PuGs) before we even headed to Naxx.  Once we got there, though, it was pretty straightforward.  The only two things that we wiped consistently on were my fault.  

The first, Grand Widow Faerlina because someone else besides the raid leader mistakenly called out a sacrifice and before I could realize what happened, all 3 tanks were dead.  That enrage is a bitch.  Tips from a pro: If you get too easily distracted, like I do, make sure you tell the raid leader only to call out the sacrifices.  If you plan on watching the fight yourself to make sure that you're doing what you need to, watch for her to get big and red.  I suppose that's typically the sign of an enrage.

The next one was Razuvious.  Besides not entirely knowing what to do, this was seriously a really fun fight.  We wiped on him once when me and the other priest really didn't know what was going on at all.  Then *I* caught on, but apparently the other priest did not.  She went through 3 of the Understudies before mine was dead.  Maybe that was my fault for not taunting soon enough.  The second time, we wiped again.  The third time she went through her Understudies fast *again* and I just had the one, but this time the DPS was fast enough that we got him down.  Tips from a pro:  Personally, I hate talking on vent, so I never do.  And the fact that this fight requires decent communication between priests is bad for me, but I found my way around it.  I'm assuming the other priest did too, because we didn't talk hardly at all.  After I let her taunt Razuvious off of me, I simply watched my MC timer and after around 20 seconds I reapplied bone shield and taunted.  However, it would probably be much easier if you actually communicated.

All in all, it was a good run, though.  Four bosses down.  All of arachnid and Razuvious in military.  And Myss grabbed some new wrist pieces while there.  It now no longer looks as if she's wearing elbow-length gloves, however, and is certainly not as a pretty.  C'est la vie!


I Like Bubbles said...

Don't you hate being an easily distracted healer? ^^;;

If you hate talking on vent, maybe set up some macros for...communicating key things? That way you don't have to speak on vent, but have an easy way of telling the other priest what you're up to.

I guess they're a little herder to manage when MCing something, but...hmm!

Yeah I'm going to be skeered when I get my priest up there and start raiding things. You want me to MC what?

Myssidia said...

That's actually a very good idea. I can picture it now: "/y OH NOE GET THIS GUY OFF ME!" ^_^