Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CoH and the State of Priests

I missed three raid times last week due to negotiations regarding a pending relationship. I know, "bros before hoes" and all that jazz, but that's kinda what I'm writing this for, right? To talk about how life interacts with our playing experience. Enough about that, though, time to talk about something important.

The Nerf
The thing about Circle of Healing is that it was such a powerful spell that it was the only thing many priests in many situations used. Now that's been said by how many bloggers/forum trolls/developers/etc. in the past few weeks? (OVER 9000!) The thing about the nerf is that, while it helps loosen the role of the CoH priest as a raid healer in many regards, it also gives those priests a reason to "open the toolbox."

CoH was used in almost every situation because it was the best possible solution to almost every situation where more than one person was taking damage. Now that it's going to have a CD, many Holy priests will be forced to look at the things they have (the things that make them such amazing healers) and use them as they need to be used. In my opinion, this "nerf" will be the thing that makes the good priests even better and the bad priests even worse.

The State of the Class
Monopolizing on the presedential theme those of us in America will have running through our heads all day, I would like to address priests and inform them of the state of the class I love so much. Ahem:

To the Holy priests who are "losing" one of their favorite spells. Be not afraid. For if you know what you're doing, this will not be a sad day for you. This will be a good day, a happy day, a day that you realize that the world doesn't revolve around one spell. The reason a priest is considered a good healer is the way he or she can take-in the situation and use the best spell possible as it is needed. Know that your druid brothers are sharing the same fate, and that, while they are not as influenced by this change as you are, they share your pain. But the future is bright for you! For if you use the tools given to you by our gracious developers, you will be victorious. And to the Discipline priests, the priests after my own heart. Although your heals aren't as powerful as those of your Holy brothers, you, too, have a bright future ahead of you. For our developer on high, Ghostcrawler, has mentioned good things coming to you.

Okay. I'm done being cheesy now.

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I Like Bubbles said...

Yeah, it'll be interesting to watch the Holy Priest shake out after this.

I've never been a fan of "push one button to win". This is why I steadfastly refused to become a one button macro hunter, and why I refuse to become a crit/haste stacking HL spamming paladin.

I rolled a priest to push MORE buttons! Not less!

Maybe now our "less skilled" holy priest will go back to disc, which he apparently was for a long time.

Of course on the downside, without the magic CoH button for some people to spam, we could find ourselves with even fewer reliable healers...

...ah well!