Saturday, January 10, 2009

First Naxx Run for IA!

Infinite Ascension had its first guild Naxxramas run tonight, and overall it was very successful!

We cleared out all of the Arachnid Quarter, all but Gluth in the Construct Quarter, and got to Noth in the Plague Quarter before it was midnight and quitting time for most of the guildies. Not even that many wipes either. We 1-shotted Faerlina, Noth, and Patchwerk. Posted below are pictures of all the ones we downed. Missing are Grand Widow Faerlina and Plaguebringer Noth, because I forgot about them. I'll take their death pics next time. Congrats to the raiders of Infinite Ascension!

Anub'Rekhan Kill

Maexxna Kill

Patchwerk Kill

On a side note:

I would like to say that I suppose I have no life, because just Tuesday I hit 80. Tuesday night. Therefore I didn't do anything on Tuesday and starting Wednesday was when I really started getting myself geared, and I didn't really do all that much, besides spent some money on gems, ran some heroics, and bought a badge item. Maybe it's a testament to my guild's willingness to let someone slightly undergeared run with them. Maybe it's a testament to my abilities (LOL)? Maybe it's just a testament to the fact that I work 5 hours a day, I see my love interest 2 hours 2 days of the week (not by choice) and I sleep about eight hours a day. The rest of that time I'm playing, because, like I said, I have no life. Yay me. Here, however, are the fruits of my labors. Myss in pretty new gear. Yay Myss!


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