Thursday, October 23, 2008

5 Reasons Wrath of the Lich King Excites Me

I know, I know.  Five things don't sound like very much, but honestly when sitting down to think about things, I couldn't think of a full ten that either haven't already been covered already or aren't that exciting anymore (e.g. talents and spells are already being experienced).  I mean, sure, I'll probably roll a death knight within the first week.  But it's not one of the more exciting things in Wrath.  Plus, this blog is supposed to be more or less about casual playing (casual raiding, specifically), so I want to hit on things that interest me as a casual player.

5. New Gear!

I'm not just talking about stuff with stats on it... I mean... That's pretty cool too, in fact, many classes are going to be itemizing completely differently from what we did in TBC. For priests part, I'm not in the beta so I can't be certain, but from what I've seen, it looks like int, crit, mp5 might take priority over all the spirit we're now using. Like I said, not positive, because we still get an awful lot from spirit, but the mechanics of shadowfiend and replenishment... and... hell... practically every other mana regen effect in the game now goes off of a percentage of your mana. This means the more mana you have, the more you get out of these effects. But also, we're travelling into a different land, something completely different from vanilla WoW and TBC. This new place has a bunch of Norse influence, so I'm looking forward to the weapon/armor designs that are coming up.

4. New Storylines

Some of them don't sound too interesting. DEHTA... really? But besides that... the Forsaken having a huge role? That's awesome. My very favorite race is the Forsaken, and Sylvanas is bad ass. Have you all seen her new look? I'm thouroughly impressed and excited that they brought her back to her Dark Ranger looks, instead of the rediculous Night Elf thing that she was. Besides that, though, they seem to be using this expac to go back to the roots of what Warcraft is: a game that is steeped in incredible lore. For TBC, they had to more or less pull some things out of their ass. I personally don't see why the horde got the blood elves. I mean, my main is a blood elf, but I thought it was a horrible twist of the lore in order for it to happen. And the draenei? What dev thought of that? All that aside, what I'm looking forward to is a return to the incredible lore that WoW is based on.

3. New Raids

This is in the middle of the list for me because, honestly, I haven't raided that much and I don't suppose I know what I'm missing. From a story stand-point I feel like such a heel for not ever doing Tempest Keep, Serpent Shrine, Black Temple, Sunwell, or Mount Hyjal. Especially Mount Hyjal. I probably will never experience these places that are so rich with story. Now we're getting more raids dealing with things Lich Kingy... and I wants them. I wants them bad.

2. New Mechanics

Specifically, new raid mechanics.  I'll be the first to admit that I didn't get to do that many raids, but the few that I did get to do were incredibly fun.  Why? Because each boss fight had its own set of mechanics that you had to know or be screwed.  And when the raid all knew what to do, it acted like a well-oiled machine.  And half the fun about that is learning how to become that well-oiled machine.  Sometimes there are wipes on the way to that, but its fun getting there (20 g repair bills and 2 hours worth of corpse running aside).  I'm looking forward to new raids with new boss mechanics to learn about.  I've already begun reading up on boss strategies for Naxx.  Maybe this is cheating, but I'm hoping that I can take those 20 gold down to 10.

1. Non/Heroic Raids

This, above everything else, goes the furthest to reaching out to casual players like myself in this expansion.  I suppose I could have joined a more hardcore raiding guild, but honestly, I don't have the time to devote to that.  So there is a lot of game content that I couldn't see.  A lot of stories that I couldn't see.  This is all going to change, though.  In Wrath, every raid.  Every raid will be 10-mannable.  I've been more excited about this than absolutely every other change that's coming along.  This is so exciting to me that I can barely hold myself back from squealing like a girl.  If only they had done it before... I could have been able to see Illidan, Kael'thas, or Vashj.  But that's okay.  Because I'll be able to kill Arthas.  He is probably the single most horrid character in all of video gamedom.  And in my head (not outloud, my guildies would make fun of me) I will be celebrating his death.  I will mentally be screaming "For Sylvanas! For King Menethil!" as I take all of his glorious loots.

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