Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I lied

So... I lied.  About not making a Deathknight so fast.  As soon as I installed Wrath, I had a discussion with myself.  I decided that (and please forgive me, this is going to get sappy) I would prefer to spend my first few hours of wrath with my family on Lightbringer (the nonraiding guild) than with my family on Kirin Tor (the raiding guild).  =] It was time well spent.  So in order to actually experience Wrath content over there (since none of my characters were 70) I *had* to make a DK.  The quests are epic.  I love justifications.

On a side note:  Sorry for not updating in a long time (all of you devoted readers lawl), but I'm going through a pretty harsh break up right now.  Four and half years all for nothing.  =] Luckily It's been over for long enough and I'm just optimistic enough to be okay now.  I'm going to try and do a longer post on Wrath stuff soon.  Like when the next few days.  Maybe.  (possible title: Things that Still Excite me About Wrath?)

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