Sunday, October 19, 2008

1st Post!

Welcome to A Casual Encounter.  Sounds dirty, doesn't it?  Let me get started with the basics:  my name is Garry.  I play World of Warcraft.  Surprisingly, this doesn't mean I don't have a life.  I go to school as a full time student.  I am an English major, with an emphasis on creative writing.  I hope to be a poet someday.  Probably not a very good one, but if I can teach a little and get some poems published, I'll be happy.  I also work.  Twenty hours a week I work at a library where I help my students learn to read, obtain their GED, or obtain citizenship.  The rest of my time is spent studying, writing, talking to my boyfriend, helping my parents run our family restaurant, and playing World of Warcraft.  The reason I started this blog was twofold.

I want to talk about the things I read.  I read a bunch of blogs... most of them I agree with (why else would I read them?).  Sometimes I just like to talk about things.  World of Matticus, World of Snarkcraft, WoWInsider (I may have stolen the name of the blog... I need to check on that and change the name if that is the case.  Stay tuned, I don't like the possibility of lawsuits), and etc.  are written by wonderfully talented people.  Yet, the problem I see is that most of them are hardcore raiders.  Which brings me to my second point...

I want to talk about raiding as a casual player.  Casual players have a lot of things that they have to deal with.  Work, school, family--Life in general plays a huge part in what they do, but, as Jov said in a recent World of Snarkcraft article casual players "aren't stupid." And I'm not.  I don't want to toot my own horn, but I haven't found many priests on my server that can do what I do as well as I do.  I've been on PuG runs with T6 geared priests that have been amazed at how well I could do with the resources I have available to me.  I don't have the time or the resources to be able to do T6 raids, and, to me, having fun with a group of people I like is better than playing a game that feels like an occupation.  And takes about as much time.  I don't know how much I'll actually be able to talk about.  Hopefully this doesn't turn in to me talking about my personal life too much.  However, being primarily about casual players, stuff will get introduced every now and then.


My character:  Myssidia, level 70 Blood Elf Priest.  Kirin Tor server.  

Yes... that is one green and one blue.  The rest are epics.  That should show that I am at least somewhat devoted to what I do.  =]  That's all for tonight.  Soon: My first serious post!

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